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Song made by Sönke Hahn with album art by Casey Rodarmor, the two developers behind Agora.

The song was generated by the code available here. It was composed using looper, a tool that invokes another program in a loop and renders the output as audio. This allows you to easily live-code audio by creating a program that outputs a single bar of audio, invoke it repeatedly using looper, and tweak and modify it in real time.

The album art was generated with blaster, a real-time audio visualizer written in C++. Blaster works by composing audio-reactive filters which are individually extremely simple, but which, when composed, produce complex and unexpected imagery.

You can buy Agora's readme, or read it for free here.


Our initial blog post announcing the pre-MVP version of Agora. You can read the free version here.


If the 1000 satoshi price of the other trophies is too steep, you can buy this high-quality smiley drawn by Casey Rodarmor for the low low price of 1 satoshi.